Auto Theft Prevention

Auto Theft Prevention

It is always a good idea to have some kind of anti-theft device installed in your car. Insurance companies provide discounts on insurance costs if car feature some form of anti-theft device. Of course, some solutions are better than others but any device provides some level of protection. Anti-theft devices can deter thieves three ways:

  • Physically -- no thief wants to waste precious time exerting a lot of physical effort.
  • Visually -- just the sight of an anti-theft device inside a car will put off many thieves.
  • Audibly -- thieves never want to draw attention to themselves.

To help protect your vehicle, it's worth investing in the best anti-theft system you can afford. But no anti-theft device is foolproof. If your car is highly vulnerable, equip it with two or more different types of devices. For example, your electronic immobilizer prevents outright theft. That's good, but break-ins still happen. The distinct outline of a steering wheel lock shows that you take extra precautions -- and probably leave nothing of value to steal from your locked vehicle.

The vast majority of car thieves are drug addicts. They steal cars and trucks so that they can commit other crimes in order to raise cash to buy more drugs. In 2003 approximately 40,000 cars and trucks were stolen in British Columbia, 30,000 of those vehicles were stolen from the Greater Vancouver area.

For additional information about how you can protect you vehicle, please visit ICBC's web site.