A couple of friends stumble upon a Bait Car. One notices the vehicle is unlocked and a laptop is inside. Thankfully his friends were there to peer pressure him!

(Delta 2011)

Three suspects break into a Bait Car in Delta, BC (2010), find a smartphone and some keys but are unable to get the vehicle started.

All three suspects were later identified and arrested.

Two thieves steal a Bait Car and quickly begin to try and sell the laptop they find inside before Langley RCMP move in and make the arrests. (February 2010)

Maple Ridge (2016)

Two thieves steal a Bait Car to haul some bikes before police quickly move in and safely disable the vehicle.

While most vehicle thefts can happen in a matter of moments, this Bait Car theft from 2011 showed a car thief working at his own pace.

It took only a few minutes once the vehicle was stolen for police to find a safe spot to apprehend the thief.

In this Bait Car video from Chilliwack, BC two car thieves pick up their friends for a joy ride. All one of them cares about is them moving that seat forward!

A simple guide to how a Bait Car works using footage from various Bait Car thefts over the years... Steal a Bait Car, go to jail.

When these car thieves stole a Bait Car in Abbotsford, BC in 2014, this first thought was to hit the McDonald's drive-thru.

This Ridge Meadows Bait Car theft lead to a successful identification of the suspect, an arrest, guilty plea and sentenced to jail time.

These two car thieves decide to run and end up crashing the bait car. One of the suspects passes out after the crash and gets a reassuring lick from the police dog.

A short car ride in a bait car results in the classic line: "What did I do?" 

This guy stole a bait car from Burnaby, BC in November 2004. He drove the bait car from Burnaby into Vancouver, and then onto Highway One into Burnaby again.