April is Auto Crime Enforcement Month

April is Auto Crime Enforcement Month

This year, the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT), the Province of British Columbia, and ICBC are asking vehicle owners not to tempt criminals to break into your vehicle. The theme of “LOCK IT OR LOOTED” suggests that if owners are not locking their vehicle doors, they are susceptible to crimes of opportunity.

The statistics from the past year show that, in British Columbia, the number of thefts from vehicles dropped by less than a percent, due to an increase in the number of thefts from vehicles in parts of the province outside of the Lower Mainland.

What car thieves are looking for is opportunity. Vehicle owners are being cautioned to not leave themselves vulnerable to victimization.

These are the top ten most common items stolen from cars:

  1. Smartphones
  2. Personal electronic devices, ie. Tablets, laptops, GPS, etc.
  3. Work tools
  4. Credit cards
  5. Documents and identification
  6. Cash or change
  7. Car parts and accessories
  8. Garage door openers
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Keys

“In British Columbia, we need to see thefts from vehicles drop more significantly in order to say we are having an impact on deterring auto crime,” says Inspector Brian MacDonald of IMPACT. “The hard work of our team at IMPACT and the diligence of our officers has gone a long way towards educating the public and making vehicle owners aware of how they can help bring these statistics down.”

In order to keep vehicles safe, it requires a conscious effort by the owners. Some helpful tips include:

  • Do not leave your vehicle running with the keys in the ignition.
  • Park in locked and secure garage, or well-lit, and high-traffic area.
  • Remove unsecured possession from vehicle. Anything that might tempt a thief.
  • Install an alarm system.
  • Always lock your tailgate.

For more information and to see the top ten auto crime offenders, please visit: www.baitcar.com