Recent News

Car thieves were apprehended in Kelowna.

A man attempted to use a Bait car to collect other stolen property.

Two teenagers in Nanaimo stole a Bait car and attempted to escape from police.

The holidays are almost here and the RCMP are working over time to catch thieves wishing to steal your holiday cheer.

According to the Salmon Arm Observer, property crime is on the rise in the region and in other parts of the province.

Richmond News covered the action of a Bait Car being activated by thieves.

IMPACT, B.C.s Auto Crime Team is seeking the public’s help in putting them out of business. Inspector Brian MacDonald, the Officer in Charge of the team, is asking the public to do what they can to eliminate the need for the officers. "We believe that the need for our services will diminish if the public would follow some simple steps. Don’t leave valuables in your vehicles, use an anti-theft device, and treat your keys like cash. These are a few of the things everyone can do to reduce Auto Crime".

A man and a woman from Surrey appeared in Surrey Provincial Court yesterday after making the mistake of choosing a Bait Car as their transportation on Saturday Night (January 14th).

A man in Kamloops, British Columbia, was done in by his hairstyle according to police.

Stealing valuables from a parked car at 3:00 am is not a good idea - especially when the vehicle is a Bait Car. At approximately 3:00 am on Sunday, December 11, 2016 the North Vancouver RCMP investigated a Bait Car alarm activation. The vehicle was parked in a residential street in the North Vancouver area.