Ways to Protect Vehicle & Belongings

Ways to Protect Vehicle & Belongings

There are ways to protect yourself against automobile theft or break ins. Here is a quick list of the top things you can do to protect your vehicle from auto related crimes.


Use a vehicle anti theft device.


Take your possessions with you and don't leave any valuables in your vehicle.


If anything is left in the vehicle ensure that the items are stored out of sight.


Store items out of sight before reaching your destination.


Keep your spare keys in your wallet, not in your car. Remove valet keys.


At home, use a motion sensor light for your driveway and remove the garage door opener if vehicle parked outside. Elsewhere, park in well-lit areas near pedestrian traffic.


After opening an automatic gate to underground parking, watch for thieves waiting to slip inside and always wait for the gate to close behind you.


Engrave your stereo and other vehicle accessories with your driver's licence number.


When fueling your vehicle, keep the vehicle keys with you at all times and lock your vehicle when you go in to pay.


Always close your windows and lock your doors.