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Latest Videos

Embedded thumbnail for IMPACT 2017 Live Stream

Launch of the Auto Crime Enforcement Month

Embedded thumbnail for Who Is Picking Up Your Pickup?

50% of the top ten vehicles stolen are pickups.

Embedded thumbnail for If My Mom Calls

Three teenagers stole this bait van. One of them felt that he needed to tell the others to be quiet if his mother called.

Embedded thumbnail for You Might Wanna Get That Rig Outta Your Mouth

OK, this guy just might be the dumbest bait car thief ever.

Embedded thumbnail for Theft From Cars (IMPACT Demonstration)

We've all probably done it - hidden a purse or wallet in the car, while you've taken the dog for a walk, hoping car thieves aren't active in that park.

Embedded thumbnail for I Don't Think It Is A Baitcar

These two young car thieves can’t decide whether or not the truck they are stealing is a Bait Car or not.  Well, they guessed wrong.

Embedded thumbnail for 'It's a F _ _ _ ing Bait Car You Idiot'

It won't take long before you figure out that these two car thieves aren't brain surgeons.

Embedded thumbnail for Dumb & Dumber

A couple of guys decide to "borrow" a vehicle and take it out for a spin. They are excited and congratulate each other - a lot.