A simple guide to how a Bait Car works using footage from various Bait Car thefts over the years... Steal a Bait Car, go to jail.

When these car thieves stole a Bait Car in Abbotsford, BC in 2014, this first thought was to hit the McDonald's drive-thru.

This Ridge Meadows Bait Car theft lead to a successful identification of the suspect, an arrest, guilty plea and sentenced to jail time.

This guy stole a bait car from Burnaby, BC in November 2004. He drove the bait car from Burnaby into Vancouver, and then onto Highway One into Burnaby again.

These two guys think they hit the jackpot when they steal this Bait Truck with a spare set of 'sick rims' in the box.

It won't take long before you figure out that these two car thieves aren't brain surgeons. One of them steals a bait truck but his buddy wants to drive.

Every year, we make a list of the Top 10 Fears of Car Thieves. Each year we do this, we find the number one fear of the typical car thief is the police dog. Last year, we reminded you that the number one fear of car thieves is still the police dog.

In this case, the prayers of the suspects went unanswered after they saw a police car following them. Despite fervent and sincere prayer, the engine on the bait car was disabled by police and the suspects were arrested.

A couple of these guys wanted a ride home. But, in a stolen car?

With the launch of the new Bait ATV, Bait Snowmobiles, Bait Watercraft, Bait Bike programs, we present a new video. This video shows the relationship between auto theft and the danger it poses to the public.

Bait cars give police and the public an insider's view of what is going on inside a stolen vehicle.

In less than a minute, this car thief has the car already up and started. It can happen so fast.