In order to get around some of the manufacturer's safe guards to try and protect your vehicle from being stolen, the professionals know what to do.

This video is interesting because the when they are arrested, one car thief decides to take a time out and check out a book.

Auto theft can be very dangerous and this is a car thief that should have thought twice before stealing a bait car in Washington State. Check out this dramatic video that is courtesy of the Bellevue, Washington Police Department. 

It is a Friday night and all this suspect wants to do is steal a Bait Car, sing along to the radio, and then leap from a moving vehicle.

A few guys decide to get together and take revenge upon another group of guys they don't really know. The problem is, they let the rookie drive. They have to give him instruction on how to get away. But wait, it turns out he is a defensive driver!

A bait car was activated and the arrest happened quickly.

This video needs very little explanation. This was a close call and it could have ended badly.

This video also shows the relationship between auto theft and the danger it poses to the public. Watch as the suspects drive this 4000 pound truck at 138 Km/h through stop signs in the middle of the night with their lights off. 

This is the most chilling bait car video that seasoned auto theft investigators from around the world have ever seen. 

Three teenagers stole this bait van. One of them felt that he needed to tell the others to be quiet if his mother called.

OK, this guy just might be the dumbest bait car thief ever.

These two young car thieves can’t decide whether or not the truck they are stealing is a Bait Car or not.  Well, they guessed wrong.