Auto theft can be very dangerous and this is a car thief that should have thought twice before stealing a bait car in Washington State. Check out this dramatic video that is courtesy of the Bellevue, Washington Police Department. 

This suspect stole a bait car in March of 2007 and was pretty proud of himself until his whole day began to unravel when he mistakenly drove down a dead end road. The suspect turned around just as three police motorcycles were closing in on the stolen bait car. The suspect drove very erratically causing one motorcycle police officer to bail off his motorcycle and another to swerve into a ditch. The third officer opened fire and one bullet ‘winged’ the car thief in the head. If you watch the video carefully you can actually see the bullet deflecting off his head and into the windshield. This frantic but pathetic suspect whines and cries when the engine is disabled and he learns that he is locked in the vehicle. He truly had no place to run and no place to hide and was easily arrested by some very unhappy police officers. 

We want to send a clear message to car thieves. No matter what side of the border they are on, ‘Bait Cars are Everywhere – Steal a Bait Car, Go to Jail’.

To see Seattle television story of the incident, go to: