Oh, Noooo!

This guy stole a bait car from Burnaby, BC in November 2004. He drove the bait car from Burnaby into Vancouver, and then onto Highway One into Burnaby again. By the time he reached the highway, there were at least eight Burnaby RCMP and Vancouver police cars behind him. The police cars took up all three lanes of the freeway and when the time was right, they requested that an Ecomm operator disable the engine. It was at that time that the suspect finally figured out that he was in a bait car. When the car came to a stop and he heard the barking of a police dog, there was no sense of fight or flight left in him and he yelled, “Please don’t let the dog chew me!”

The suspect was arrested and held in custody until his trial which was on Christmas eve. He pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property and was given a Christmas present by the judge who sentenced him with time served – 39 days, which in the eyes of the courts counts as double time, or 78 days, since had been held in pre-trial custody. This suspect hopefully learned a valuable lesson: once you have stolen a bait car, there is nowhere to run and hide.