Are You Creating Opportunity For Thieves?

With the change to colder weather IMPACT is warning drivers about becoming a victim of a warm up theft after several vehicles were stolen over the past few days. Drivers who started their car and returned to their residence found their vehicles gone when they came back to their driveway. Don’t warm your car for thieves.

IMPACT is reminding drivers of the problems faced by others recently.

  1. One motorist kept a set of spare keys to his wife’s car in his glovebox so he could jockey vehicles in the morning. His vehicle was broken into and the keys were used to steal his wife’s car, leaving his behind. We believe he had some explaining to do.
  2. A driver pulled into a gas station and ran inside to pay leaving his key in the ignition. The thief had not only a car but a full tank of gas. Have you seen the price of gas?!
  3. Several motorists have had their car stolen when the thief found the spare keys in the glove box. We question what the plan is when you are locked out of your car?
  4. A number of motorists have had their keys stolen from lockers in gyms and community centres. While you are working out, thieves are hardly working! Keep your keys with you or use the supervised lock box available in many facilities.

IMPACT is the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team, in partnership with the Provincial Government and ICBC. The team is comprised of RCMP and municipal police agencies working together to target prolific thieves and areas of high auto crime through the use of bait cars and other enforcement.